Service – Being a leader without a title

Service – Being a leader without a title


“Leadership is less about the position you hold than the influence you have. It’s about doing
World-class work, playing at your peak and leaving people better than you found them.
It’s about Leading Without a Title. Leadership is no longer about position – but a passion. It’s no longer about an image, but impact. This is leadership 2.0″ ~ Robin Sharma


The reason why I’ve started with this Robin Sharma quote as the first post for 2022 is simple: We can’t continue the way we (everyone) have done before. There has to be a shift, an improvement, not necessarily change, but a reinvention of service for empowerment.


We are a service-based company; it makes no difference whether you use our tools or need advice; the crux is service.

We took inventory, with improving service as a goal, to see how we could improve to make our products and services more accessible to everyone. Also, why should we stop at our products or services and not expand on other learning we collected over several years?


So this is what we came up with:

  • This website is a new platform, so we added a helpdesk on top of it, which you could access from anywhere on any device. As an additional feature, we can also configure the helpdesk to include your own support personnel, so you won’t need anything else to manage those processes


  • We’ll be adding more learning materials relating to LIMS, lab processes, standard practices, management, business principles, and leadership development on the same site.


  • Masterclasses: A Platform where we dig deeper into topics relating to business, laboratories, methods, instrumentation, etc., with recordings and keep it online for future reference.


  • We included a Facebook-style group interface that you could use for internal information sharing or shift handovers etc.


  • FAQ’s with step-by-step instructions and equipment manuals that cover any challenge, from creating a user to linking a balance or instrument


There are more improvements to come, but we figured let’s get this going as it’ll make the most significant immediate difference.

As a side note: All of this is available to any of our clients at no extra costs

A must read suggestion:

The leader who had no title by Robin Sharma


Regardless of what you do within your organization and the current circumstances of your life, the single most important fact is that you have the power to show leadership. Wherever you are in your career or life, you should always play to your peak abilities. This book shows you how to claim that staggering power, as well as transform your life–and the world around you–in the process.