Welcome to QMWARE

It’s not just about managing laboratory data anymore…

It’s the bigger picture that matters

The bigger picture is that business needs a total solution combining  back-office administration functionality, including front-office total processing management, to ensure business goals are met.

QMWARE is an aggregate mining LIMS designed as a 360° solution from sampling to shipment. The system monitors and evaluates all the critical points of the business to ensure the best quality throughput in the shortest time, with the least amount of cost and environmental impact.


Trail-tested and proven: We cater for variant operations in the energy and rare-earth minerals, base metals and PGMs.

QMWARE is a unique platform, designed with the industry for the industry. Our collaboration model has proven its worth by constantly updating the system to suit the requirements of the mining operation, marketing, plant oversight, metallurgy, geology, laboratory, and quality control officers.


The era of delayed Microsoft Excel-driven business has passed, and the updated methods of operation using centralized, in-time, accurate, and validated data, is the new norm.

The setup of QMWARE is almost as simple as the systems’ operation. You don’t need a massive infrastructure to host and operate the system because you can even host the system from a laptop!

On-site or an anywhere, anytime deployment: We can do the entire setup, deployment, instrument configuration, and training using new-norm tools such as TeamViewer, Anydesk, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams


Our fastest deployment was deploying four laboratories simultaneously and training 200+ people and all of it in 24 hours!

Total cost of ownership and return on investment is easy to calculate as our systems and services are based on an industry-standard costing model with no hidden fees.

Our standardized model includes:

  • A License for life, with no additional annual costs
  • Standardized model costing irrespective of functionality
  • Negotiable fixed-rate leased-licensing for on-site contractor labs
  • No per-user licensing, only a full site license
  • Training is done on-site or virtual at no charge
  • Lifetime updates and upgrades included


Homegrown Values

All our products and services are made in Africa, by Africans, rivaling anything anywhere else

Environmentally Conscious

Faster, more accurate data leads to faster decision making, reducing reprocessing and running an optimal operation

Industry Guided

Constantly improved technology based on how it solves problems considering feedback from the people using it


Method Driven

Worksheet based apps that consider certified standards and operating procedures, ensuring check and balances and accuracy of results

Business Orientated

Understanding our clients’ needs in terms of cost, turn-around time and support availability

Committed to Growth

Our products and services are community centric and constantly evolving to promote growth in our, as well as, your communities.

We’d love to hear about your company and where we can help

We provide tailor made solutions and supply our clients with  the latest cutting edge technology. With over 35 years of experience we are happy to share our insights and offer our expertise to deliver the service our clients deserve.